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"OshPaz Authentic Uzbek Cuisine" Opens its Debut Restaurant in Central London

After delighting Londoners with their authentic Uzbek cuisine at various pop-ups and food stalls, including Mercato Metropolitano, Kerb and Seven Dials Market, OshPaz is thrilled to officially announce the grand opening of their first permanent restaurant in the heat of Regent Street on 5th October.

Oshpaz food truck and Chef Muzaffar Sadykov

OshPaz is in The Heart Of London

Nestled in the heart of Central London, Regent Street is one of the city's most iconic and vibrant thoroughfares. With its historic architecture, upscale shopping, and proximity to renowned landmarks such as Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus, Regent Street is a hub of activity and culture in the heart of the metropolis.

Muzaffar Sadykov in uzbek festival near the Tower Bridge

The vision of Muzaffar Sadykov

OshPaz, born from the vision of Muzaffar Sadykov, is a culinary venture dedicated to bringing the rich flavors of Central Asian cuisine to this bustling and prestigious location. Muzaffar Sadykov, a passionate advocate of this cuisine since his youth, recognized the need for a taste of Uzbekistan amidst the glamour and excitement of Regent Street.

cheff muzaffar sadykov with french chefs


The menu at OshPaz features an array of delectable dishes, including their renowned Plov rice bowls, meticulously slow cooked to perfection and served with a choice of succulent lamb or chicken. Guests can also savor the delights of Lagman hand-pulled noodles available pan-fried or in a fragrant broth, with options of chicken, lamb, or a vegetarian twist.

A highlight of OshPaz's menu is their steamed dumplings, lovingly crafted according to Muzaffar’s mother’s cherished recipe. These dumplings boast a delicate fine dough enveloping a flavorful filling of meat or vegetables, accompanied by a seasoned carrot salad, sour cream dip and chilli oil.

For those seeking the perfect kebab experience, OshPaz offers mouthwatering Shaslik kebabs. Guests can choose from a selection of tenderly grilled meats prepared on the traditional mangal, served with homemade pitta bread, fresh salad, and a homemade chilli sauce.

uzbek food


With seating for up to 20 patrons, the grand opening of OshPaz’s restaurant marks an exciting new chapter in their culinary journey. Muzaffar Sadykov, the visionary founder of OshPaz, expressed his excitement, stating,“It’s always been a dream to bring Uzbek food to the West End, it’s the perfect place for our first stand-alone site. Our journey in the UK has gone from strength to strength, and we can’t wait to showcase OshPaz’s food and unique flavours to everyone".

oshpaz restaurant

You Are Invited!

OshPaz invites food enthusiasts and adventurers alike to embark on a culinary voyage through Central Asia right in the heart of iconic Regent Street. With its commitment to authenticity and a passion for sharing its cultural heritage through food, OshPaz is set to become a beloved addition to London's vibrant dining scene.

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Just got back from visiting Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 fantastic amazing country trip with Jules Verne & we had an incredible wonderful guide Shukhrat to show us this beautiful country/cities Tashkent Khiva Bukhara & Samarkand he was out of this world took care of us & showed us your beautiful country.

We all liked/loved Uzbekistan oh my what a time we had food too was just so yummy & he’s recommended us your restaurant & we’ll definitely be visiting you soon can’t wait to have a meal there.

Best wishes to you all 🙏🏼😊😎


Jan 09

Good luck! Looking forward to trying your delicious food!

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