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Welcome to OshPaz,
a Central Asian restaurant serving traditional Uzbek cuisine in the heart of London.

Now Open in Regent Street!

Oshpaz kitchen with cheffs

Meet The Chef

Muzaffar Sadykov

Founder & Executive Chef
at OshPaz

Hello and welcome! I'm Muzaffar Sadykov, the Founder and Executive Chef of OshPaz. Wherever you join us, you're about to experience the rich and authentic flavors of Uzbek cuisine. Our journey from street food to various beloved locations is a story told through each dish we serve. We're excited to share the warmth of our tradition with you. Enjoy your culinary adventure with us!

Chef - Muzaffar Sadykov

Get a Taste Of The Silk Road

Uzbekistan in every bite.
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uzbek dumplings

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